Collaboration with TRAXENS
Cargo Tracking and Control

We are providing high-tech device, you will enjoy an innovative solution that provides end-to-end visibility and operational excellence for your supply chain during the entire transport of our valued customer’s cargo.

  • ADVANCED VISIBILITY : Provide near real-time data that is accessible anywhere and anytime, giving you better door to-door visibility
  • CARGO QUALITY AND SECURITY : Monitor GPS positions, door openings, movements, shocks and external temperatures.
  • EXCEPTION MANAGEMENT Create personalized milestones, offering contextualized data and alerts.
  • SUPPLY CHAIN OPTIMIZATION : Identify anomalies in your supply chain, allowing you to put corrective measures in place to optimize your business and reduce operating costs.

How does it work?

Next-generation connectivity for seamless tracking of your cargo anywhere, anytime.

A user-friendly hub allows efficient analytics, easy setup of alerts and personalized notifications.

Containers equipped with TRAXENS smart container are fully integrated to our valued customer’s group containers fleet.

By request at the time of booking, We can supply empty containers equipped with TRAXENS smart container technology without impacting your business.